Book Reviews: Discovering Postmodern Cosmology

Dark matter is far from cold

By Dr. Chris Dyball (Half Moon Bay, CA) | September 23, 2008

This third book in a series by Drexler shows how his thesis, that dark matter is composed of charged ultra high energy relativistic protons, is capable of solving up to 25 previously unresolved mysteries of the Cosmos. Read More »

Intriguing non-standard cosmological model

Intriguing non-standard cosmological model, May 19, 2008
By J. Dillon (San Anselmo, CA USA) | May 19, 2008

Drexler presents a conceptually coherent and logically appealing model for the mechanics underlying the large scale structure of the universe. As his theory departs dramatically from the current Standard Cosmological Model, it will certainly attract vociferous criticism. Read More »

Post-Modern Cosmology Has Arrived!

By Sy F. Robbins “SetauketScientist” (Setauket, NY USA) | April 17, 2008

A must read for anyone interested in straightforward, logical solutions to some of cosmology’s most significant unsolved problems. This book highlights all of Drexler’s work to date, particularly his relativistic-baryon dark matter hypothesis; it also establishes his primacy on the concept of a Relativistic Big Bang Read More »

A Self-Consistent Theory for Cosmology and Dark Matter

By Fred I. Friedlander “EE” (Saratoga, CA USA) | June 4, 2008

This very interesting book presents in historical fashion the material of the various books and papers written previously by the author on the subject, and explains how his theory answers a great many questions of astronomy and cosmology, plus makes predictions as to how the theory can be verified. Read More »

Energetic protons as dark matter

By T. Schneck (San Jose, CA) | April 3, 2008

Drexler presents a series of explanations and arguments in support of his theory that dark matter is mainly relativistic protons. These arguments are presented in the format of press releases, an unusual form of authorship, but indicative of the excitement felt by the author and a format not subject Read More »

Coherent and compelling

By Frederic N. (SF Bay Area) | August 6, 2008

Discovering challenges to conventional wisdom is always interesting and especially so when the challenge is as compelling and well-reasoned as in this book. Jerome Drexler presents a plausible theory as to the composition of the dark matter that represents a high percentage of the mass of the universe but whose makeup mystifies cosmologists. Read More »

Outstanding & Innovative Cosmology Book

By Dr Max Little “Dr Max Little” (Orrington, Maine) | April 3, 2008

I very recently ordered this book from after thoroughly reading Drexler’s first two books, which were published in 2003 and 2006.
This book, tying together the concepts of the trilogy, is so captivating, challenging, and interesting that I read it thoroughly with minimal breaks. Read More »

Book Reviews: Comprehending and Decoding the Cosmos

Baryons as Dark Matter

By T. Schneck (San Jose, CA) | June 15, 2006

Since the discovery of DM, which many believe constitutes most of the mass of the universe, there has been a debate regarding the baryonic or non-baryonic nature of DM. Current scientific research favors non-baryonic particles with huge new detectors being built today that actually exclude baryons. Read More »

Challenging & Provacative Theories on Dark Matter/Relationalism

By Dr Max Little “Dr Max Little” (Orrington, Maine) | August 26, 2006

This is another fantastic book by Dr. Drexler. Dr. Drexler identifies dark matter as a viable candidate and explicates his theory cogently by describing in detail the astronomical evidence he found that justifies his theory and conclusion. His most recent book, “Comprehending and Decoding the Cosmos,” published this year (2006), delineates and expounds his theory to an even greater extent. Read More »