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The following 2008 newswires question the existence of Cold Dark Matter and its WIMPs:

“Dark Matter Battle for Nobel Prize: Roles of Harvard, University of Chicago”

“University of Chicago’s CHAMPs Dark Matter Boosts Drexler’s Dark Matter Over WIMPs”

“Doubts Cast on Cold Dark Matter by Cambridge, Cardiff U, CEA Saclay, NYU, Russian Academy of Science, UC San Diego”

Read Jerome Drexler’s books on Astro-Cosmology for more on this topic.

Dark Matter: Cold Dark Matter

Book II: “Comprehending and Decoding the Cosmos”, May 2006
Chapter 21

Book III: “Discovering Postmodern Cosmology”, March 2008
Chapters 1, 20, 24, 25, 26, 27, and 28

You can also download book chapters from this site on four of his other subjects: Big Bang, Star Formation, Spiral Galaxy Formation, and Postmodern Cosmology.